So, who am I, you ask?

First and foremost, I am a daughter of the King!

That's not something that I take lightly nor leave out of what I do, personally nor professionally!

I am a married, homeschooling mom of three daughters -- Yasmine, Jaelynn, and Caitlyn-- and one Angel, Natalynn and we live in Memphis, Tennessee. So, yes, I'm a busy mom like many of you!

Now for the real story...

I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and allowed fear to snuff out my zeal of becoming an elementary school teacher. I let what others think propel me to complete a degree I wasn't wholeheartedly immersed in.

Every job I had dealt with teaching children! I've worked in every area of education: early childhood, elementary, middle and high school, and higher education. I love teaching and creating tools that change lives!

That love began to die in 2007 when I was hit hard by my mother's death. Even in living my dream, I was absolutely miserable.

Things turned around in 2010, but the zeal was short-lived. After having our third daughter, I declared that enough was enough! In 2014, I started my homeschool consulting business, Choice Home Education Consulting, helping those in my community who want to homeschool get what they need in order to have the best experience.


I still run that business today.

I am also an independent contract substitute teacher for charter schools who hire their own in-house subs, copy editor, author and blogger, and creator of educational lesson plans and board games.

Yes, I do A LOT!

Tammie Terrell Mompreneur Coaching came about in  September 2015 as a conversation about stay-at-home moms making more money...which led to a Facebook group...which led to me making my business look like everyone else's...which led to extreme nervousness over making things work...which led me back to my true first love of writing!

After writing my second book, The Virtuous Business Woman: Inspired by Proverbs 31, I realized what I was really meant to do.

My business was no longer about having a bunch of programs I'd seen everyone else do--my task was to take the message of my book and help women in corporate and ministry leadership, mompreneurship, and at home to understand that life wasn't standing in their way!

THAT became my ultimate focus and that's why I'm here with you today.