EVERY Woman is a business woman!

Tell me -- What do you think of when you hear the word "business woman?" Don't answer that..I already know!

I'm here to challenge that mindset in you! How? Simply by saying this: YOU ARE A BUSINESS WOMAN!

Don't believe me? Look in the mirror! The woman staring back at you is your FIRST and primary business, so what you show to the world every day matters! What you eat, read, watch, listen to and do determine the type of business woman you become. 

My goal and JOY is to help you to do just as my homepage says--unleash the remarkable business owner within to become a woman of lasting influence! The first step is to eliminate the excuses so that you can excel in life and business. To do that, let's turn to my three zones of genius!


boot camp in a book

If 1:1 or group coaching isn't your thing, it's okay! In this beautifully designed book, you will dive into the 7 Guiding Questions of Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and How much as it pertains to both life and business! Each section is a mix of business and personal mindset shifting designed to help you to become the business woman YOU want to be on YOUR own terms. There is both a print book and e-book available, too!

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boot camp group program

Every month, I offer the Boot Camp in a secret Facebook group! We work through each day together from start to finish! The day begins with a task and challenge post, followed by a video, then the reading from the e-book, and finally an end of the day "I am a business woman" affirmation!

After the Boot Camp is over, we move into a 4 week accountability phase, where we work 1:1 in accomplishing 1 goal that you set during the Boot Camp!


EWBW Facbeook group

Join my community and prepare to be pushed, inspired, encouraged, uplifted, and equipped through book discussions, boot camps and special challenges, 1:1 hot seat coaching opportunities, networking and more!

This group is for you-- the rose who wants to grow through that crack in the concrete and get out from under all that has you buried!