your story is meant to change someone's..., family, business, and/or ministry! Someone somewhere sometime somehow NEEDS that story that's inside you. I am here to help you put your heart on paper. Since September 2015, I have penned and published more than 20 books on life, faith, family, business, and fiction -- all while being a married homeschooling mother of three girls, working as a substitute teacher, running two businesses, traveling as a speaker, hosting my own local events, and hosting an international radio show! WHEW!

I can help you turn what's in your heart into a book that will reach who you need it to reach..

I can help you take that book and build multiple streams of income from it..

I can help you with a project that you already have out ...

I can help you...


writing services

Need an extra set of eyes on your project at a price that won't break your budget? Need help wording that description for a website, flyer, or promo? I do just about everything, except cover design! (I have some awesome people in my network to help with that, though!)

I provide editing, proofreading, and ghostwriting services as well as assistance with book setup and publishing via Createspace, writing book descriptions, and building a social media presence, and more!


book longevity plan

So, your book is what? Let's talk about what else your book can become! Your book can create multiple streams of income for you...

Are you a speaker? Let's talk about creating a PowerPoint for you to use when presenting your book!

Are you a coach or teacher? How about we turn your book into a workbook or online course?

Have you thought about t-shirts, wall art, journals?

Are you a ministry leader? You can use your book for Bible studies and more!


event preparation services

You've got your first event and are shaking! Need to know what to take? What questions to ask? What should and shouldn't be on your table? Let's talk about it!

I will help you get things together so that all you have to do is sign books!

In-person services are available as well, meaning that my team will personally come out and help you get set up the way that you want! Be it table layout, helping with sales so that you can focus on signing books, manning your table while you are speaking -- however we can help you to make your event as stress-free as possible!

For pricing and more information, shoot me an email!