PIRRPEARing for 2019: Re-execute

What a topic to use to start the new calendar year!

Once you learn and improve on what you're building, reset and start anew with the new plan! Ask yourself what worked, what didn’t work, and what you need to revise, revamp, refocus, and change—and then do it!

Don't be afraid to repeat a step nor go back to the drawing board if needed. Doing so doesn’t mean that you failed—it simply means that you need to change a few things here and there so that you can keep moving forward.

Stay the course and understand that any setbacks are meant to enhance your vision so that it is at its best when you get back out there. There will be those days when the unavoidable and unknown take over, but what you can’t do is give up on it!

You have a new calendar year to get things together—use it wisely and go back through these 8 steps as many times as you need to… I wish you well!

PIRRPEARing for 2019: Adapt

"Just because something works does not mean it can not be improved!" ~Shuri from "Black Panther" This is one of my favorite lines from that movie! It goes to show us that there is always room for growth and we will never truly arrive. We might figure a few things out; however, we are still to be lifelong learners.

Never stop learning and growing in your vision. There will ALWAYS be something new out there that will help you further your vision! There will always be a new app, tool, software, video, YouTube channel—you get what I’m saying. Don’t get settled with just one approach to anything!

What you find might save you time, money, sleep, and your sanity, so always be on the lookout! Also, keep things updated and current so that it continues to work at it’s highest potential for you!

PIRRPEARing for 2019: Execute

Execute ...and work your plan!

Get out there and see what happens. Instead of giving in to negative self talk and harping on what you don’t have or how your idea won’t work, try it! Failure isn’t really failure—it is a teacher that serves to help you to do beter the next time around.

It doesn't have to be pretty nor perfect! What matters is that it's out there. It’s better to put something out and have to tweak it than it is to sit on it because one little piece is missing.

Holding on until "the perfect time" will hurt both you and those who are waiting on you to do what's in you to do! People will start to ask and you can only excuse things away for so long before they become disinterested. Then, when you do finally bring it out, they’re glad, but they’ve moved on to something else.

What you are creating could save someone else's life, business, family, or ministry, too!

PIRRPEARing for 2019: Plan

You cannot afford to throw spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks. We all know that spaghetti doesn’t stick…no matter how hard you throw it! As we prepare for 2019, we have to do so knowing what we want to happen and what it’s going to take to get it done.

When it comes to building your life, business, family, and ministry, you need to have a PLAN! It may not be completely worked out and the kinks might still exist, yet a loose plan is better than no plan at all. Remember the 7 questions? The answers to those questions will give you something to go on.

Plan your work...and work your plan! If you need help laying things out, a planner might help!

PIRRPEARing for 2019: Research

Always look for results--good, bad, and ugly--and weigh the pros and cons of them in light of your vision. Understand that everyone’s blueprint is not meant for you to follow. If what you’re looking at doesn’t fit, don’t force it to do so!

Don't trust the first thing you come across, either. Take your time! Also, keep in mind that no resource is perfect. Even if the first resource you find seems like it’s going to work, always have a ram in the bush because things change.

Use what you can until you can get exactly what you want--that may take time. It is better to have something to start with than to wait until things are perfect. You can get lost by taking too long to finish your research…

PIRRPEARing for 2019: Read

Don't depend solely on resources found online. You're going to have to read a real book on a given subject at some time or another. The most successful CEOs and business owners read 50-60 books a year and I have heard of others doing the same!

Find out what books there are out there that will help guide you in the right direction and keep you on the right path at the same time. Ask other people that you know and trust what they are reading and how it has helped them. Also, don’t forget to look into my library on Amazon for something to get you going.

Difficult? Yes! However, listening is always an option!

Impossible? Nope!

PIRRPEARing for 2019: Investigate

Find out exactly what it's going to take to get what you are trying to do done! Take it a step further and account for the unavoidable and the unexpected if at all possible.

Ask who, what, when, where, why, how, and how much for every avenue that you're looking into that applies to your vision. These might seem like elementary questions; however, they will help you to put things in to perspective quicker so that you can move forward in the best way.

If you can't answer all 7 questions in what you're looking at, then it may not be an avenue you need to take! Have all of the information that you need before you move forward.

PIRRPEARing for 2019: Pray

Not an easy thing to do when we live in a microwave society, yet it is very necessary if we are going to get anything done! Prayer forces us to be a thermostat, which is something that we don’t like to be. We don’t want to wait for an answer—we want what we want and we want it now.

The most important thing here is to do this FIRST and not after you make a mess of things. Think about how you fussed at your kids because they didn’t tell you that they needed help until after something was messed up or broken. Prayer works the exact same way!

There is insight gained from prayer that will keep a lot of stressful unnecessariness from happening!

PIRRPEARing for 2019

Huh? What does THAT mean?

It’s my way of saying prepared! Over the next several weeks, I’m going to be talking about what that means and how planning (or the lack thereof) can make or break you in the coming year!

Here is what the acronym stands for:

  • Pray

  • Investigate

  • Read

  • Research

  • Plan

  • Execute

  • Adapt

  • Re-execute.

These are the eight things that we need to do in order to have a jump start on 2019 so that we can truly succeed in both life and business.

Living the Entrepreneurial Life: Part Five

So the last thing that I was asked to talk about is how do you start selling products. This one is a pretty loaded question, simply because you have something that is awesome. You have identified your target market, you know who you're meant to help, who you're meant to serve, what you're meant to do, and the question is, how in the world do you get started? Social media is the quickest way. However, one thing that you have to understand is that every social media platform is not gonna serve you, your mission, and your message as well as you think. You have to ask yourself, what is the best platform for me to use? If you are offering a service, depending on what that service is, Facebook, maybe your thing, Linkedin might be better. If it's product based, Facebook is good, but Instagram is probably going to work better just simply because the audiences are different, so things to remember when selling your products is this: one, identify the outlet that's gonna work best for you. Second thing, concentrate on building your offline audience and clientele as well.

If you make jewelry, one, you should be saving to get into arts and crafts fairs. FInd somebody who owns a small independent boutique and ask them if you can set up a display in their store! Set up at bridal expos that come to town. See what you can afford to do, get over the nauseated feeling of when somebody tells you to go live, to share your products, to share what it is. Let's say you cook or you bake.

When it comes around to certain times of the year, people need to know who you are, what you have and what they can do to get it. Case in point, young lady lost her job and I asked her, "Do you have a skill that you can market online and make money from immediately?" And she said, well, I like to bake. I like to bake sweets. I said sweetheart. It's almost Valentine's Day weekend. Take pictures of what you do. Come up with a price list. Come up with pickup, delivery, shipping-- all of that, post it all and see what happens. And she said, okay, I'm going to do that. I made some stuff today and I have pictures in my phone. She posted those pictures along with all of her prices and and products and everything, policies, procedures, all of that. She made $300 in one weekend. Now you may say that that don't sound like much, but to somebody who's lost their job, that's whole lot of money. So that is leveraging social media, talking about things to do offline, vendor events, networking, pop up shops--see who you can connect with.

Build a street team! Ask those friends, families, loved ones, church members and even the enemies to wear your stuff, to order from you and post testimonials, to read your stuff and give reviews (if you're an author), to use your stuff-- get people who will support you and can support you both online and offline. My reading team is five ladies in four different states.

When I have something coming out, I let them know, I send them a copy and next thing I know, their own social media talking about "Lookie what I got. This was my favorite quote. This was my favorite thing about it." My sister has a mobile bakery. She's been making all of my cakes for me for the last umpteen years. I can't say how many she'll kill me, but every time she does a cake for me, I'm taking a picture of the cake. I'm taking a picture of us eating it-- everything -- and it goes back to Anything Sweet Bakery. Now a word of caution, as I said, with marketing, when it comes to selling your product, understand that you cannot go and set up shop everywhere. Every opportunity is not one that you should seize. If they don't appeal to your target market, if it's in a place where you're going to feel uncomfortable, if they can't answer basic questions about the venue, about the event, what's going to happen, all of that good stuff-- run. Because what you don't want to do is to have the brand that you're building in excellence tainted by foolishness.

So you have to watch who you, if I may, cast your pearls before. Now, one thing that I get asked as an author, as somebody who has a physical product that they create, how can I dodge processing fees. My thing to them is this -- any platform that you use to sellyour products is going to have some type of processing fee. So if you have a physical product, the only way you're going to avoid those processing fees is if you sell it yourself and only take cash. That's it. Even if you take a check, there are fees associated with that. If you're gonna take checks, be ready to drive hither and yon to get them cashed. Sometimes when it comes to having a product based or even a service based business, there are gonna be those unavoidable costs. Transaction fees are unavoidable costs. So there, you have to find your happy medium.

I know that in my first days of vending and selling products, people used to laugh at me all the time. They stopped laughing at me after like my third event, but they would laugh at me because I carry two cell phones. I have my Square reader in one phone, I have my PayPal reader in my other phone. I carry $40 in dollar bills to make change. And I'm not embarrassed to say this, but at one point, I had a literal check runner. If you saw something that you were interested in, I eliminated every excuse that you simply because I was just that deliberate in my preparation. I wanted to remove every block that you had financially as long as you weren't trying to haggle on my price. I wanted to give you what you needed by any means necessary. So one thing that you have to understand when it comes to selling your products...

Charge what it's worth, and I say that with every bit of love in my heart. It's okay to break even selling stuff, but it shouldn't be a lifestyle. And you may say, well, if I do that, they're not going to buy it. Okay! As the favorite Disney song says, Let it go! At the end of the day, if you allow people to haggle with you, you're the one that's going to end up frustrated in the end because that's what you will start to attract. People who want a hook up-- because, as we all are, when we get a deal on something, we go and tell everybody that we got the deal. Then others are going to think that they can go to that person and get that same deal— and then we get in our feelings because, when they charge us full price, we’ll say, “Well, you didn't charge so and so full price.” That ain't what it's about! So, charge what you're worth and stick to it because you're always going to have somebody somewhere somehow at sometime that is going to try to do something to knock you off track. You can't let them do it. Why? There's a difference between and genuinely not being able to afford something and not wanting to pay for it. Let me say that again for the people in the back-- there is a difference between genuinely not being able to afford something and simply not wanting to pay for it.

There is a difference. How many times have you gone into a store and you looked at something that you say, yeah, I need but whew I don't want to pay that. Do you need it? Do you need it? So as I close, I want you to understand this. Your mission, you and your message matters. At the end of the day, you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and smile and say that I stuck to my guns. I might've lost money, but you know what? I stood by me, my mission, my message, and my values. That's my story.

Living the Entrepreneurial Life: Part Four

Third thing, marketing. Now marketing is more than you making something, taking a picture on social media, and saying, "Lookie at what I did." Marketing is more than that. When you think about your ideas and you've gotten it together, you've gotten over the naysayers, you've eliminated all the noise-- ask yourself, who am I looking for? Who can I help? How can I help them and what is it going to take for me to get that done? One of the entrepreneurs that I follow, whenever she goes out in public, she wears a t-shirt that says, ask me about my book, and on the back of her t-shirt, it has her website and all of her social media handles. That's marketing. How so? Because she's gonna walk by somebody who's gonna ask her what her shirt is all about!

So when that happens, she's able to tell them that she is the author of thus and so this is what it's about. This is how I think it would help you, that's a conversation starter. You're going back and forth finding out about that person and then as you're listening to them, your brain is telling you, hey, this part of your business can help or you know how to do this and you can help them with that. Next thing you know you have gained a friend. You have gained a client and you are making money. But the important thing about marketing is this: You have to realize who is you're meant to stay away from. You can't help everybody. You will not be everybody's cup of tea. You will not be everybody's go-to nor their favorite and you have to be okay with that. You have to find who your idea fits, who you, your mission, and your message fits, and one thing about that: When that person comes across your path, you've got to be ready to talk about and demonstrate you, your mission, your message, and your product, and service at a moment's notice.

If somebody walks up to me and I'm wearing my t-shirt, which says, "Keep Calm and Slay The Slayers" and asks me what my shirt means, this is what I'm going to tell them. "Yep. Keep Calm and Slay the Slayers. This is based on my book, the 7 Virtuous Business Woman Slayers: 7 Deadly Copouts. Now, the seven deadly copouts are the seven reasons that women give me for not having their life, their faith, their family, and their business in order. What are they? I'm broke. I don't have time. I have a family. I have a job. My talent or skill is just a hobby or something that I do on the side. I don't know how to do anything else but this or I'm good where I am. It is a book and workbook Combo where I challenge them to eliminate those excuses so that they can excel in life and business. Yes, it is available on Amazon and you can get both the book and the workbook for $12.38.” What did I just do? That was a whole marketing pitch right there. Simply because somebody asked me about my tee shirt, so there will be times where you will show what it is that you do and you start telling people about you, about your mission and about your message, and it will take you a lot further than you think-- it will.

Living the Entrepreneurial Life: Part Three

Second thing, ideas. If you are anything like me, you have 9 million ideas going at one time. See how they cross. See how they mesh together.

And one important thing that I want you to understand about business ideas is this-- just because somebody does what you do does not mean they do what you do. They don't have your drive. They don't have your skill. They don't have your talent. They don't have your connections. They're not motivated like you. They don't know who you know. They can't put the spin on it that you do. Tammie, what are you talking about? Think about how many different burger joints there are. You're not going to get the same burger at Mcdonald's that you get at Five Guys. Why? Because everything about their burgers is different from the way it's prepared, to the grade and type of beef that they use, their cheese, their buns, how they're cooked, how it's packaged and how it's priced. Even though they all do and sell the same thing, Five Guys ain't worried about Mcdonald's. Sure. They got their 1 billion served, but Five Guys has their following too. So just because she might make cookies and you like to make cookies. Your recipe might've been passed down nine generations. No two cookies are the same. And I say that as a cookie conniseur too. Those are one of my favorite comfort foods. So no two cookies are the same.

So when you have an idea and you see somebody else with the same ideal, instead of focusing on, "Aw, man, they got the same idea. I can't do this." Ask yourself, how can I make myself stand out? Give you an example. My second book, the Virtuous, Business Woman: Inspired by Proverbs 31. Everybody writes about Proverbs 31. Somebody writes something about Proverbs 31 every month. However, one thing that I noticed was that everybody talks about marriage, family, potential mate, dating, perfect woman-- all that good stuff. And I said, that's not what my book is going to do. So while my book is based on and inspired by Proverbs 31, it talks about Proverbs 31 from an entrepreneurial and a business standpoint. So while there are hundreds of authors out there writing by Proverbs 31, I've made myself distinct by doing it from a business and entrepreneurial standpoint. Are there books out there that do from a business and entrepreneurial standpoint? Yes, but they're not like mine. So while you may see somebody who does something similar, what you have in you, sweetheart, is still rare, precious and special and deserves to be shared and not shielded.

Do you! I can talk about that all day.

Living the Entrepreneurial Life Series: Part Two

Entrepreneurship is not built from the outside in. It's built from the inside out. What I mean by that is you have to take the time and ask yourself what some would considered dumb elementary questions. What do I like? What do I not like? What do I like to do? What do I not like to do? What do I know how to do and enjoy doing? The answer to that one question can help you to build and live your best entrepreneurial life. As I said on my radio show, one thing that you've got to realize, sweetheart, is that you are a franchise. You are a multi-faceted and multi-talented individual who is meant to be an ant and not a phoenix. What's the difference? A Phoenix is buried by all of the issues and the ash of life and it dies.

And then once it dies, yes, it's reborn, but it's got a whole lot of stuff that its got to fight through to rise above. You're not meant to be a phoenix. You're meant to be an ant. See an ant know that winter is coming. Winter means different things for people. It could be you're getting ready to graduate from high school. You're getting ready to graduate from college. You're getting ready to become an empty nester. Your job is about to change. Your career is about to change. You're about to get ready to retire, so we have to be in ant mode preparing for winter. However, most of us are grasshoppers. We do enough to get by and then we rest on the little bit that we did and we think that we're straight with that. We think we're gonna be okay, but then winter comes and now we're going to the ants to get help. We're going to the people that we know spent fall, spring and summer on their grind, preparing, building their franchise, building their brand, and living their entrepreneurial life. So you may say to yourself, Tammie, well, what does that mean? What are you trying to get me to do? So I was asked to talk about a few areas here and I'm going to be obedient as possible not easy. Branding!

You are your brand regardless as to what the name is. You are your brand. That's why I told you that what you show to the world every day matters. It matters what you read, what you watch, what you listen to, and what you do. When it comes to building a brand. When you hear people tell you that how you represent yourself on social media matters. It does. We get so wrapped up in "this is my personal page and I can do what I want on my personal page" and all this other stuff. However, I want you to look at some of the young athletes who have missed out on college scholarships, professional sports contracts, jobs-- simply because of something that they had posted on their social media. It matters! When people look at your brand, they expect to see three things-- you, your mission, and your message. And if you taint either one of those you will taint your brand. Branding is more than just a name or logo. It's a lifestyle. When you hear Baskin Robbins, what do you think about? Ice cream? Right? So if you're driving and you see Baskin Robbins, you're like, oh, let me stop in here and get me some ice cream. Now, what would you think if you walked into a Baskin Robbins and they had a soul food buffet?

Now while that might be kind of cool, that's not what they are known for. You go to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and ice cream related treats. Their brand says it all. And even when it comes to naming your brand, you have to be careful. And I'm trying to say this with as much tact as possible, but cute names won't always be taken seriously. When I was taking my classes on starting an online consulting firm, that was one of the things that they talked about -- the power of a name. And the instructor was talking about a young graphic designer. His favorite movie was Forrest Gump. So what he did was he named his graphic design company, Bubba Gump Graphics, and even though he was in business for several years, he struggled and he couldn't figure out why he was struggling so badly. So. he hires somebody in marketing. What am I doing wrong? Why am I not attracting people? Why am I not closing the sale? And they said, it's your name. You have to think about being taken seriously, being seen as a brand, being seen as professional. And you like "Tammie, I'm just, you know, a young girl. Um, it is, it's just me." What you show to the world every day matters. When people say your name, what do you want them to think? What is the impression that you want them to have?

That's the first thing.

Living the Entrepreneurial Life Series: Part One

I know it’s been quite some time since my last blog—a lot has happened in my life and business, but I’m back!

I’m going to be sharing a talk that I gave on Facebook late last month—hence the title of the article! It’s a little long, so I’ll be posting it in pieces. Enjoy!

I don't like to pull punches, so I am going to ask you a very important question. When it comes to our topic tonight, it's time to live your entrepreneurial life. When you look in the mirror, what did you see? And I know you're probably wondering what kind of question is that? It is a very important one and I will tell you why. It is because the woman, the young lady, the young adult that you see when you look in the mirror, is your first and primary business. So to start, one of the things that I want you to understand in living your entrepreneur life is that you have something rare and precious to offer this world, even in the wake of real or perceived competition-- what you show to the world every day matters. However, there are four very important things that I want you to keep in mind. Everything that you do when it comes to your entrepreneur life is centered around four basic questions. What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you watching, and what are you doing? And throughout our time together, we're going to go through those four questions. So I want you first to relax and I want you to think in these terms. Let these five words resonate in your heart, in your mind, throughout this time. And that is "I am a business woman."

That's the first thing that you have to realize because, as I said, you yourself are your first and primary business. So you may say, how can you help me in building and living my entrepreneur life? The first thing that I'm going to tell you, I might get in a little bit of trouble for this one. However, it is very important. One of the first major steps in living your entrepreneurial life is to realize that everybody's blueprint is not meant for you to follow. Shiny Object Syndrome gets us a lot of the time in this entrepreneurial journey. When something new comes out we're grabbing for it, something else comes out we're grabbing for it and we're grabbing, grabbing and grabbing at everything, and then we have all this stuff and we're wondering what to do with it and we are wondering how is it all going to fit? It's not going to because you're pulling from so many different places from so many different avenues that you forget the most important thing of all, and that is who am I. I am the woman who, I am the teen who -- notice that you need a verb after that. When you are building and living this entrepreneurial life, you have to look at you.

New Year Starts on Your Birthday!

I am probably a little bit more amped than usual! For me, this is THE greatest week of the year-- this is my birthday week! My birthday is this coming Saturday and I am overjoyed!

What I want to get into today is a little controversial and it’s going to kind of turn some folks on their heads, but hey, anybody who knows me knows that what I do! Let’s get right into it this is what I want you to do

I want you to grab a sheet of paper. At the top of that sheet of paper, write when your birthday is—just the month and the day. You’re going to see why in a minute, but that’s the first thing.

The second thing that I want you to do is Google, Alexa, Cortana, or anything you can do to find out how many days it is FIRST to January 1 and then do another search for how many days until your next birthday. You’re probably like, “Why?” Well, New Year’s Starts on Your Birthday. Now, I'm throwing a disclaimer out here real quick—if your birthday is actually new year’s day, what I say to you may not make sense; however, you can still use it.

Why do I say that New Year’s starts on your birthday and not January 1? Well, the first thing many of us get up on our birthday and we may say that we’re excited to be celebrating another what? Another year! Why? It’s because you don’t get older on January 1, you get a year older on that day when your birthday is. I didn’t turn 37 on January 1, so that’s not my new year.

I present this topic every year around my birthday because that gets my mindset ready to take on the year. I went planner shopping not too long ago and I got upset because the only planners that I could find went from August to July and I was like, “I don’t want no planner that goes from August to July. What am I going to do with that—that doesn’t help me. That doesn’t take me till the end of the year.” However, as this time got closer and I bought an undated planner. The first thing I did with that undated planner was start it in August and I died laughing. I didn’t want that undated planner to start in any other month so, while I was mad that the planner that I was trying to get went from August to July, I did the exact same thing when I bought that undated planner! I paid less for the undated planner, but I still made that planner go from August to July and I fell out!

A young lady I spoke with shortly before I did the video that launched this project told me that her husband came and asked her about setting birthday goals—that’s exactly what I’m talking about. These aren’t New Year’s resolutions, these are birthday goals. These are things you are going to do after you have finished turning up and celebrating—however you do you on your day. This is what you are going to do for those 365 days or 366 days if the next year is a leap year.

The first thing I’m going to tell you to do is, whether you are a planner person or not, to go buy or make an undated planner. Make the first month of that planner the month you were born in. You may say to yourself, “Well, Tammie, do I start it on the first of the month or do I start it with my actual birthday?” I would say that you start it with the day before your birthday—mine starts August 10 and on that day, I have written New Year’s Eve.

The second thing that I want you to do is I want you to come up with a plan for your new year. Now if you have followed me for any length of time, you know what I’ve said about planning. Your plan needs to answer seven questions: who, what, when, where, why, how, and how much.

Whom do you want to link up with this year?

What do you want to get done?

When do you want to do get it done—put some dates on this stuff!

Where do you want to go? Or where do you need to go to get it done

Why is that a goal for you? What’s the importance of it? What’s your motivation for that goal?

How are you going to get it done? What are you going to do over the course of that year in order to make those things happen? How are you going to see these come to fruition without regrets the next year?

How much? Count the costs from the beginning so that you will know how to move forward.

This is going to take research! You’re going to have to think and then you’re going to have to be watchful all year long! If somebody, and it doesn’t have to be me, writes a book that speaks to the goals that you have and they are releasing on x day, write that done, write down how much it is. When you are looking at your plan as it pertains to your goals each month, you know to account for that in your spending for that month. If there is a conference, event, somebody’s webinar, an event in your community—anything like that—put it on your calendar.

If you’re not a paper planner type person, there are apps that allow you to change the start date, so it’s just about what you want to do and what works best for you. Me? People who know me know my mantra is it’s time to put your heart on paper, so that’s why I mentioned the paper planner.

Next thing, I like vision boards. I make vision boards throughout the year, so guess what I’m going be spending my NYE doing? I’m going to have my Birthday Behavior Vision Board and I’m going to have on there my 7 question plan as it pertains to the goals that I have for myself for the year. Then I’m going to write down when those things come to fruition and celebrate! I want you to do the same—put your who, what, when, where, why, how, and how much on there, write down when those things come to fruition and CELEBRATE!

Another thing I’m going to do is to fill up the Prayer, Praises, and Gratitude Journal I bought from Family Dollar. In it, I’m going to write what I prayed about, when it came about, and express my gratitude so it will help me keep focused on what’s going on. Pick one up and do this yourself! If you’re going to work through this New Year project with someone else, write their prayer request and praises down too and celebrate for both you and them so both of y’all can be great.

Tammie, why are you telling us this? It is because I want you to change your mindset. What prompted me to do bring this topic back again was all the coaches and other gurus asking “How are finish the year?” or “How are you going to finish this last quarter of 2018?” I said my year has just begun because, for me, the New Year starts on my birthday. I don’t plan for January 1, I plan for August 10 and a lot of people were like, “Well dang… I never thought about that.”

To coin a meme I’ve seen a lot on Facebook recently: You don’t need a January 1 to start over; you just need a new day. May I add that you don’t need another January 1 to start anew, you need another birthday? So I know I’ve given you a host of things to think about.

Don’t let someone else’s version of finishing the year strong stop you. I had to check myself. Last year, I said, “Let’s finish 2017 strong and start 2018 stronger”, so I have to change my own mindset. For some of you that are August babies, your New Year has either already started or, like me, you’re coming up on it. With that, I will leave you…

As always, God bless. Godspeed in all that you do! And, if today is your birthday, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’ve got work to do! Look out for the SOON coming release of the BOOK, which will be entitled, “New Year’s Starts on Your Birthday!”

Roses in Concrete

"I work with roses who want to grow through that crack in the concrete." There are quite a few of you out there...and I am here to push you. I call it "Loving Annoying You to Greatness!" 

But, Tammie, WHY?

I understand what it means to be that Rose. In my journey as a business woman, I've dealt it naysayers, loss, low clientele, little to no support--in other words, I know how you feel! 

The days when you cry as you look at a job application that you don't want to fill out because you want your business to work...

The #shadedisguised thrown by those who don't see the value in what you do and you turn purple trying to explain it to them...

The side eye that you give those who insult you by insinuating that you aren't worth what you charge or ask for a discount...

The ones who leave you because you're "doing too much for me"...

A Rose has to fight to come out of the concrete and that's what I'm here to help you to do! See, I understand that the vision in your heart needs to be pruned, dusted off, weeded out, and repotted. You've been run over so many different times that you didn't even SEE that crack in the concrete until now...

You feel like you can't stretch because the money isn't there...the time isn't there...your kids need you...your job needs you...you aren't as talented as she is...you aren't good at anything...you're okay with being where you are--you will never grow that way....

Rose, it's time to fight! The dream and vision in your heart with worth it! Tell me how I can help you...

Why Preparing for YES Is Necessary...

As I sit here preparing to speak at a conference being hosted by a high school friend, I am thinking about more than what I am going to say and how close my table spread will be to the diagram my husband gave me...

I am thinking about the women who will pass me by and wait to hear me speak before they buy a book.

I am thinking about the women who have will be in attendance and have sent me friend requests on Facebook because they wanted to connect.

I am thinking about the women who will dare to ask "So, what else do you do?"

I am thinking about the women who will pick up my speaker sheet and take it back to their school, church, place of business, or work.

What am I doing? I am making sure that my website, bookstore, and booking calendar are up to date, ready for any women to sign up with me, if she so chooses.

I'm thinking about what my new office will look like and anticipating seeing some of those same faces...

"Yes" may catch you off guard at first, yet you must bounce back and reset quickly so that you don't miss out on the JOY of acting in your zone of genius when it comes through! Remember, a Virtuous Business Woman is ready to talk about and demonstrate what she does at a moment's notice, so I ask...

Are you prepared for YES?

Are You Creating Chaos or Rest?

First, let me say Happy New Year! Yes, I know it's February, but this is my first blog post of the year. What I want to talk about today isn't an easy thing to think about--creating chaos or rest--yet we do it more than we know and feel the effects more than we care to admit. Let's get into it!

How do we create chaos in life and business?

The first way is when we never ask for help! Even though the S on our chest may be permanent, we are going to run into our kryptonite in some way. There is something that you may either not know how to do or do well and you'll need more than YouTube, Pinterest, and Canva to get out of it! However, that's not how we handle it. We spend hours upon hours looking, searching and testing different things--all while knowing that there is someone out there who can help us and it's not going to cost us everything we own plus arms, legs, and vital organs. The first step to getting it done is to admit that we can't do it!

The second way is when we don't build a solid and stable support system to help us with all the stuff that we internalize because we don't want to appear inadequate nor incapable! We don't want people to know that we're human and that causes chaos because we are killing ourselves by shouldering things that are meant to be shared. I'll give you one more...

The third way is when we don't invest in ourselves and let the perceived notions of not having the time or money to do so keep our hands tied. Then, when we see others getting results, we will complain about not having the resources...and then we see how much it costs, realize that we do have the time and money, and then find that it's either too late or the price has gone up. Now, we're messaging the person or company begging for a spot!

How do we create rest in life and business?

It's really simple (and a lot shorter)! First, ask for help. There may be someone out there who wants to help, but won't until you open your mouth up and ask! Second, build that support system ASAP, whether it's online or offline, check in regularly, and take that S out (you can do that) when you talk to them. They can't help when they don't have all the details! Last, INVEST IN YOURSELF! Growth and renewal COST! You are worth investing in and no one else will until you do--you've heard that before. There is a way to do everything...

So, back to my original question--are you creating chaos or rest in your life and business? What are you going to do to change it?