Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #2

I shared  previously how the Slayer of I'm Broke could affect four major areas of our lives and businesses. Today, I want to talk about the effects of the Slayer of I Don't Have Time.

This Slayer affects four areas as well: scheduling, goal setting, visioneering, and stewardship! When this one is active, you will feel like you never have time to do anything! You'll be overbooking yourself, agreeing to things thinking that you'll have time to do it, or even schedule something over an important family occasion!

Furthermore, the goals that you set will be unrealistic, unreachable, and immeasurable, meaning that you'll have no clue how to make any of it happen and will be upset because nothing is happening!

Then, your vision will suffer. You won't see what can go forth from you and the place that you have to work in, no matter where that place is. It will become empty and lifeless, causing you not to see the point in continuing.

Lastly, being held accountable will seem like the most laborious things ever and will cause you to have a hair trigger. You'll know within yourself that you could've managed your time better, yet hearing it from someone else will sound like nails on a chalkboard.

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