Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #5

The Slayer of My Talent or Skill Is Just a Hobby will make you forget all about becoming a Virtuous Business Woman!

First, you will stop seeing how valuable you are and how valuable your talent or skill is. People will compliment you and you will throw up a wall of false modesty. You'll say something like, "This? Oh, that' something I just threw together. It's not all that." People will look at you like you have lost your mind....And they'd be right!

Next, you won't want to be around people who will help, challenge, and keep you accountable! You'll seek out people that you can whine to who will allow you to stay in mediocrity. They will drag you down to the point of absolute loss!

Then, you will settle for any old place to display your talents and be angry when the results are less than ideal. You start to see it as a waste of time because you're, as the Bible says, casting your pearls before swine...

Last, you will forget that your talent is rare and precious. You'll see someone else that does it and think that what you do is nothing compared to them. You'll start to doubt your uniqueness...Why do that to yourself?

I'm challenging you to educate yourself about something new related to your talent or skill and use it immediately! Come back here and tell me about it.