Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #6

The Slayer of I Don't Know How to Do Anything Else But This is one that so many run to! It's okay to have that one thing that you are absolutely AWSOME at, but what else are you doing?

When this Slayer is active, you won't educate yourself and try new things. You'll ride that one horse until you're dragging it by its reins. You'll see things that you want to do, but think that it's too time consumin or expensive. Sound familiar?

Next, you will allow yourself to slack off and not give your best effort then start using excuses. You'll say that you're not good at things or when it doesn't work at first, you'll say that's why you don't try new things.

Then, you'll soon be mentally and physically unprepared to take advantage of new opportunities that come with that one thing that you do best. You'll be scrambling to get yourself together so that you can meet the higher demand.

Last, you'll stop looking for opportunities at all and lose your inner go-getter...

My challenge to you here is to not only resurrect your current go to skill, but to also try that new thing that's been on your heart to do!