Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #3

We've talked about money and time. Now, I want to talk about how the Slayer of I Have a Family affects your journey as becoming a Virtuous Business Woman.

This particular Slayer affects your relationship with your husband, your children, and you family as a whole. When was the last time you really acknowledged the awesomeness in your own household?

First, remember that your family is your biggest cheerleader and first line of defense. However, most of the time, we see them as the reason why we can't do something. People pay a lot of attention to what we say about our families!

Second, our attitude towards our family life will cause it's to overwork ourselves and stay gone more, leading to strained relationships. We need to be leaving a legacy for them to follow.

Lastly, we'll pay for things someone in our homes know how to do. You'll find yourself upset and asking why they didn't tell you that they knew how to do something...The answer will be that you didn't ask them.

I know that many of us have unique family situations that aren't covered in what I said and I understand that. However, it's time to stop looking past the best and most devoted help we could ever have