Are You Creating Chaos or Rest?

First, let me say Happy New Year! Yes, I know it's February, but this is my first blog post of the year. What I want to talk about today isn't an easy thing to think about--creating chaos or rest--yet we do it more than we know and feel the effects more than we care to admit. Let's get into it!

How do we create chaos in life and business?

The first way is when we never ask for help! Even though the S on our chest may be permanent, we are going to run into our kryptonite in some way. There is something that you may either not know how to do or do well and you'll need more than YouTube, Pinterest, and Canva to get out of it! However, that's not how we handle it. We spend hours upon hours looking, searching and testing different things--all while knowing that there is someone out there who can help us and it's not going to cost us everything we own plus arms, legs, and vital organs. The first step to getting it done is to admit that we can't do it!

The second way is when we don't build a solid and stable support system to help us with all the stuff that we internalize because we don't want to appear inadequate nor incapable! We don't want people to know that we're human and that causes chaos because we are killing ourselves by shouldering things that are meant to be shared. I'll give you one more...

The third way is when we don't invest in ourselves and let the perceived notions of not having the time or money to do so keep our hands tied. Then, when we see others getting results, we will complain about not having the resources...and then we see how much it costs, realize that we do have the time and money, and then find that it's either too late or the price has gone up. Now, we're messaging the person or company begging for a spot!

How do we create rest in life and business?

It's really simple (and a lot shorter)! First, ask for help. There may be someone out there who wants to help, but won't until you open your mouth up and ask! Second, build that support system ASAP, whether it's online or offline, check in regularly, and take that S out (you can do that) when you talk to them. They can't help when they don't have all the details! Last, INVEST IN YOURSELF! Growth and renewal COST! You are worth investing in and no one else will until you do--you've heard that before. There is a way to do everything...

So, back to my original question--are you creating chaos or rest in your life and business? What are you going to do to change it?