Living the Entrepreneurial Life: Part Three

Second thing, ideas. If you are anything like me, you have 9 million ideas going at one time. See how they cross. See how they mesh together.

And one important thing that I want you to understand about business ideas is this-- just because somebody does what you do does not mean they do what you do. They don't have your drive. They don't have your skill. They don't have your talent. They don't have your connections. They're not motivated like you. They don't know who you know. They can't put the spin on it that you do. Tammie, what are you talking about? Think about how many different burger joints there are. You're not going to get the same burger at Mcdonald's that you get at Five Guys. Why? Because everything about their burgers is different from the way it's prepared, to the grade and type of beef that they use, their cheese, their buns, how they're cooked, how it's packaged and how it's priced. Even though they all do and sell the same thing, Five Guys ain't worried about Mcdonald's. Sure. They got their 1 billion served, but Five Guys has their following too. So just because she might make cookies and you like to make cookies. Your recipe might've been passed down nine generations. No two cookies are the same. And I say that as a cookie conniseur too. Those are one of my favorite comfort foods. So no two cookies are the same.

So when you have an idea and you see somebody else with the same ideal, instead of focusing on, "Aw, man, they got the same idea. I can't do this." Ask yourself, how can I make myself stand out? Give you an example. My second book, the Virtuous, Business Woman: Inspired by Proverbs 31. Everybody writes about Proverbs 31. Somebody writes something about Proverbs 31 every month. However, one thing that I noticed was that everybody talks about marriage, family, potential mate, dating, perfect woman-- all that good stuff. And I said, that's not what my book is going to do. So while my book is based on and inspired by Proverbs 31, it talks about Proverbs 31 from an entrepreneurial and a business standpoint. So while there are hundreds of authors out there writing by Proverbs 31, I've made myself distinct by doing it from a business and entrepreneurial standpoint. Are there books out there that do from a business and entrepreneurial standpoint? Yes, but they're not like mine. So while you may see somebody who does something similar, what you have in you, sweetheart, is still rare, precious and special and deserves to be shared and not shielded.

Do you! I can talk about that all day.