PIRRPEARing for 2019: Execute

Execute ...and work your plan!

Get out there and see what happens. Instead of giving in to negative self talk and harping on what you don’t have or how your idea won’t work, try it! Failure isn’t really failure—it is a teacher that serves to help you to do beter the next time around.

It doesn't have to be pretty nor perfect! What matters is that it's out there. It’s better to put something out and have to tweak it than it is to sit on it because one little piece is missing.

Holding on until "the perfect time" will hurt both you and those who are waiting on you to do what's in you to do! People will start to ask and you can only excuse things away for so long before they become disinterested. Then, when you do finally bring it out, they’re glad, but they’ve moved on to something else.

What you are creating could save someone else's life, business, family, or ministry, too!