Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #7

The last Slayer is by far the ABSOLUTE WORST of the seven -- I'm Good Where l Am! When this Slayer is active, complacency will set up shop and stay a while.

First, your discernment and good judgement will be severely hindered. You won't see things the way you should and miss out on important things that could become a detriment to your business.

Next, you'll start to hate and shy away from anyone who is where you should be. Your attitude towards them will be horrible for no reason other than the fact that you're "good."

Then, you'll find yourself not wanting to learn anything new or more. You'll go through life believing your current knowledge is enough to carry you!

Last, you will walk around, like I have done, thinking and acting like you have it all together when you're really a ticking time bomb. You'll be calm, cool, and collected on the outside, but be FUMING on the inside.

I just have one question for you: Are you really?

Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #6

The Slayer of I Don't Know How to Do Anything Else But This is one that so many run to! It's okay to have that one thing that you are absolutely AWSOME at, but what else are you doing?

When this Slayer is active, you won't educate yourself and try new things. You'll ride that one horse until you're dragging it by its reins. You'll see things that you want to do, but think that it's too time consumin or expensive. Sound familiar?

Next, you will allow yourself to slack off and not give your best effort then start using excuses. You'll say that you're not good at things or when it doesn't work at first, you'll say that's why you don't try new things.

Then, you'll soon be mentally and physically unprepared to take advantage of new opportunities that come with that one thing that you do best. You'll be scrambling to get yourself together so that you can meet the higher demand.

Last, you'll stop looking for opportunities at all and lose your inner go-getter...

My challenge to you here is to not only resurrect your current go to skill, but to also try that new thing that's been on your heart to do!

Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #5

The Slayer of My Talent or Skill Is Just a Hobby will make you forget all about becoming a Virtuous Business Woman!

First, you will stop seeing how valuable you are and how valuable your talent or skill is. People will compliment you and you will throw up a wall of false modesty. You'll say something like, "This? Oh, that' something I just threw together. It's not all that." People will look at you like you have lost your mind....And they'd be right!

Next, you won't want to be around people who will help, challenge, and keep you accountable! You'll seek out people that you can whine to who will allow you to stay in mediocrity. They will drag you down to the point of absolute loss!

Then, you will settle for any old place to display your talents and be angry when the results are less than ideal. You start to see it as a waste of time because you're, as the Bible says, casting your pearls before swine...

Last, you will forget that your talent is rare and precious. You'll see someone else that does it and think that what you do is nothing compared to them. You'll start to doubt your uniqueness...Why do that to yourself?

I'm challenging you to educate yourself about something new related to your talent or skill and use it immediately! Come back here and tell me about it.

Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #4

The Slayer of I Have a Job can be quite devastating to your journey in becoming a Virtuous Business Woman. Why? I'm going to give you just a few of the 18 issues you'll have when this Slayer is active and out of control!

First, you'll see your job as just a job. My brother Benjamin Hall International said it BEST when he told his audience to "Stop seeing your job as just a job and start to see it as the biggest investor into your dream." Enough said.

Second, your performance level will SUCK! You'll forget that you still need to have and show integrity, give and do your best even when it's not appreciated or recognized, and strive for excellence. There may be someone watching you who holds the keys to your next step. Would they give them to you?

Third and last, you'll forget that you got GOALS! They will become a flicker in the dark because you are so inundated with how much you hate your job that you won't even think about them. If someone reminds you of them, you'll roll your eyes before you know it!

So, dare I ask, how do you view your job right now? We know it's not where you are ultimately meant to be, but while you're there, make them hate to lose you!

Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Coming Up Next

This week, we'll be looking at the four Slayers that often make people reading the book put it down and walk away fro it. Why? It's because they become angry with themselves for not seeing how much damage was being done in their lives by carrying these Slayers on their backs!

It's time to resurrect the vision behind the job you have, the talents that you've pushed to the side or allowed to sit dormant for years, the joy of being able to do that one thing that livens your soul and the things you've wanted to learn to do or start doing that you haven't, and your drive for more, better, and greater because good isn't enough.

Slayers four through seven are: I Have a Job, My Talent or Skill Is Just a Hobby, I Don't Know How to Do Anything Else But This, and I'm Good Where I Am.

Watch for each post this week for more on how these four Slayers affect you in your journey of becoming a Virtuous Business Woman!

Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayers Challenge

We've talked about money, time, and family. Which of these three Slayers would you say has affected you the most -- I'm Broke, I Don't Have Time, or I Have a Family? And why? It's important to figure that out because you won't get to the next level carrying these around your neck.

I'm going to give you an assignment for each one of these -- I want you to look at your relationship with money (how and why you spend and what you can do better in), relationship with time (are you managing it or wasting it), and relationship with your family (do you know what their strengths are and how to use them).

In my upcoming program, there will be exercises like these that will challenge you to take a good, long, hard look at how you do things. And, I'll go ahead and say this, you'll be angry with me! Not one person who has worked through them hasn't been. Stay tuned!

Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #3

We've talked about money and time. Now, I want to talk about how the Slayer of I Have a Family affects your journey as becoming a Virtuous Business Woman.

This particular Slayer affects your relationship with your husband, your children, and you family as a whole. When was the last time you really acknowledged the awesomeness in your own household?

First, remember that your family is your biggest cheerleader and first line of defense. However, most of the time, we see them as the reason why we can't do something. People pay a lot of attention to what we say about our families!

Second, our attitude towards our family life will cause it's to overwork ourselves and stay gone more, leading to strained relationships. We need to be leaving a legacy for them to follow.

Lastly, we'll pay for things someone in our homes know how to do. You'll find yourself upset and asking why they didn't tell you that they knew how to do something...The answer will be that you didn't ask them.

I know that many of us have unique family situations that aren't covered in what I said and I understand that. However, it's time to stop looking past the best and most devoted help we could ever have

Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Series: Slayer #2

I shared  previously how the Slayer of I'm Broke could affect four major areas of our lives and businesses. Today, I want to talk about the effects of the Slayer of I Don't Have Time.

This Slayer affects four areas as well: scheduling, goal setting, visioneering, and stewardship! When this one is active, you will feel like you never have time to do anything! You'll be overbooking yourself, agreeing to things thinking that you'll have time to do it, or even schedule something over an important family occasion!

Furthermore, the goals that you set will be unrealistic, unreachable, and immeasurable, meaning that you'll have no clue how to make any of it happen and will be upset because nothing is happening!

Then, your vision will suffer. You won't see what can go forth from you and the place that you have to work in, no matter where that place is. It will become empty and lifeless, causing you not to see the point in continuing.

Lastly, being held accountable will seem like the most laborious things ever and will cause you to have a hair trigger. You'll know within yourself that you could've managed your time better, yet hearing it from someone else will sound like nails on a chalkboard.

Stay in the loop on this upcoming program! More info coming soon!

Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman: Intro and Slayer #1

Welcome to the blog! My first round of posts are actually the #1031Check posts from my business page on Facebook, but I wanted to bring them over to the blog because I feel that they bear repeating!


Would you believe me if I told you that having ONE active Slayer in your life can lead to problems in as few as 5, but as many as 50 other things that are associated with it in your journey to become a Virtuous Business Woman?

I'll give you an example: I'm Broke (aka Slayer #1) breaks down into 4 areas of brokenness--being physically, mentally/emotionally, spiritually, and financial broke, but it doesn't stop there. Each one of those areas has as few as 3, but as many as 15 attributes of the Virtuous Business Woman that are severely hindered as related to those areas.

Things like stewardship, your personal health, your financial blueprint, your relationship with God, and even the success of your business are affected by this ONE Slayer!

Wonder why I'm sharing this? I'm working on a new program that shows how the 7 Slayers can affect the 21 attributes of the Virtuous Business Woman and this is just the first section!

I'll be putting out more information soon, but I just had to share this...