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Slayers are the excuses that the Virtuous Business Woman uses for not having, being, and doing more in her life and business. I call them Slayers because that's exactly what they're designed to do -- kill your dream, your vision, and you if you don't get a handle on them! There are 7 of them and they are:

~I'm Broke
~I Don't Have Time
~I Have a Family
~I Have a Job
~My Talent or Skill is Just a Hobby
~I Don't Know How to Do Anything Else
~I'm Good Where I Am

What if I told you that having ONE Slayer active in your life will cause as few as 5 but as many as 50 things to go wrong in your life and business in your journey to becoming the Virtuous Business Woman you want to be?

During this 6 month Mastermind, I will show you exactly what these 5 to 50 things are, how they happen, what to do about them, and how to move forward!  After this Mastermind, you will know how to:

~Manage your money better, leading to more opportunities to get things done
~Manage your time better, leading to higher productivity and freedom
~Understanding the role of your family in your business, leading to stronger relationships
~Understanding the purpose of your job as it relates to your business, leading to a complete mindset shift
~Hone your talents, leading to higher productivity and more income
~Develop new or rekindle forgotten talents, leading to a new spark and fire in you and increased motivation
~Strive for more, better, and greater, leading to new opportunities and increased personal and professional development

You owe it to yourself to Slay the Slayers that you know are active in your life! Are you ready to Slay the Slayers to Become the Virtuous Business Woman you not only want to be, but are meant to be?

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