It All Started When...

Someone asked me which one of my books they should read first and why! I'd never thought about it until then. I couldn't answer her right away because I honestly didn't know!

So, at that moment I grabbed both of my books and all of my notes and started my research. I found that the messages of each book complimented the other! I began to make an outline and literally started CRYING -- I had the answer to her question! She needed to start with The 7 Virtuous Business Woman Slayers: 7 Deadly Copouts before reading The Virtuous Business Woman: Inspired by Proverbs 31..

Why? It's because I realized that those seven excuses had to be conquered before the twenty-one attributes of the Virtuous Woman could be achieved! At first, the outline became my Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman Mastermind material, but I felt like it could be more.

Then I realized that each Slayer was a REAL PERSON with feelings and emotions, so I created the 7 Business Woman Personas you will see here!

The Personas

The 7 Virtuous Business Woman Slayers have become The 7 (Virtuous) Business Woman Personas!

Each one of these personas is  a REAL person with REAL struggles just like you! We all battle with being broke/broken, feeling like we need another day between every day, maintaining our family relationships without losing ourselves or going crazy, not feeling fulfilled in our jobs, being held back by ourselves or others, and settling for what we have because more is just too hard!

As you read above, they are the combination of all three of my Virtuous Business Woman works! If you identify with either of these personas, I encourage you to purchase the DIY Real Business Women Slay Slayers SuperBook PDF that goes with that persona.



The broken business woman

The Broken Business Woman is a four part woman: physical, mental/emotional, financial and spiritual. If any one of those four areas are out of alignment, it leads to more money being spent!


the time constrained business woman

The Time Constrained Business Woman feels as though she NEVER has time to do ANYTHING! She spends most of the day wondering where the time went. 

the family distracted business woman

The Family  Distracted Business Woman looks happy and loves her family, but is so focused on making her mark that she missed out on the awesomeness right there in the house with her. She gets angry because that knowledge only comes after she's paid for the thing that she found out someone in her home could do.

the job insecure business woman

The Job Insecure Business Woman dreads going to work everyday and can become so future focused that she's not seeing what her job is trying to teach her:

  • How to (or not to) do business
  • How to (or not to) treat clients
  • How to (or not to) treat employees

She's also not paying attention to how what she does everyday can help her in her business. Every piece of bad news bothers her so much that she forgets her goals and neglects her planning!


the talent starved business woman

The Talent Starved Business Woman no longer sees her talents as valuable because they've been reduced to being used only to make others look good.

Anytime she tried to showcase them elsewhere, she is IMMEDIATELY shot down, not because she can't make an impact, but because the person or people depending on those talents are selfish and want to keep them for themselves.

They are scared to lose her, even those she's shown no intention of going anywhere!

the one hit wonder business woman

The One Hit Wonder Business Woman lives off of yesterday's bread in a lot of ways...and for different reasons. She has seen success, yet never looks past that one thing she has become known for and is headed toward the danger zone of complacency! This happens for one of two reasons:

  • Like the Talent Starved Business Woman, she's being silenced by selfish people or by people who can't see who she is past that one thing she's done.
  • She gives in to the feeling that she'll never be able to create anything else that holds a candle to what's she's already done, so she'd rather not try anything else.

the sad and settled business woman

The Sad and Settled Business Woman is the woman who is okay with okay. She feels as though she doesn't need to do more because her bills are paid, she has a few things she wants, and is comfortable.

In reality, this woman is a TICKING TIME BOMB whose fuse is ignited by the very mention of anyone who took the next step that she refused to and is enjoying life! It's not them she's mad at -- she's mad at herself because she allowed staying in her comfort zone to dull her senses.