#Dynamicallydifferent coaching

I will tell you now…i’m different!

I am looking for the rose growing in concrete… the woman who has been buried, paved over, and left out—but she’s ready to push through! She says that her #DynamicallyDifferent life is only one step away!

I look for the woman who thinks she has arrived, yet when she gets to her destination, she realizes that she left a few lessons behind.

I look for the woman who thinks that there is nothing else she can do about her situation because of the roles she plays in life.

I don’t do fluff…

I don’t pull punches…

I expect excellence without excuses…

I look for you to be ready to invest in yourself!

I’m challenging you to take action in order to make your time #DynamicallyDifferent, so I had to do the same! I am a coach, yes; however, I use my books as the springboard for everything I do! Here is what I offer you:

  • Book based coaching—I have online quizzes that will help you to see which one of my books can help you. From there, we can set up 1:1 phone or video sessions to discuss the areas where you can be dynamically different and eliminate the excuses plaguing you.

  • Boot Camps—I am all about helping groups of 3-12 women to do more, better, and greater in life and business! These Boot Camps can last anywhere from 7 Days to 8 weeks, it just depends on which one I’m doing at the time. Here are a couple of them:

    • Every Woman Is A Business Woman—This is my 8 week program where we break down your who, what, when, where, why, how and how much as it pertains to life and business. From there, we enter a four week accountability period where we work on achieving one major goal in those four weeks!

    • Slayers/Warrior Women—This is a fast paced, action packed 7 day program where we talk about the 7 excuses women use for not having their lives together and then address it from a Biblical standpoint.

  • Live events—I usually host three a year in my hometown of Memphis, TN. Look at my workshops page for more information!


Workshops and speaking


Do you want your event to be #dynamicallydifferent? Are you looking for a break from the norm? do you want your group to be inspired, encouraged, uplifted, and equipped without all the fluff? I dare you to click the button below and give me a try!


What would you like to do next?